WWL’s ODC Project:


WWL Centre (a division of WWL Group), is an ISO and AEO certified organization.  We provide 3PL logistics Services & Solutions for any type of Manufacturing / Trading / Retailing Company, addressing their total SCM requirements, for the Pan India Market including transportation and last mile delivery.  We have served sectors like Automotive, FMCG, Textiles, Electrical & Electronics, Heavy Forgings, etc.

We also move large project cargo of unusual size, ISO tankers, hazardous (DG) and non-hazardous goods, etc.  Our professional services are extended not only for large corporates, but also all enterprise who have Logistics requirements.

We would like to share a recent success story.

Client:   A market leader in Milk and other Dairy products, based out of Southern India

Scope of Work:  Transportation of ODC Cargo from Palani (Tamil Nadu) to Sholapur (Maharashtra).

Customer who is based out of Coimbatore had bagged order for moving 5 Boilers which are ODC with over width & over height cargo.  WWL was able to bag the order, considering our capability, past experience and expertise amidst stiff competition from other service providers.  WWL has the expertise in handling the challenges on the road because of its existing strength in project logistics.

It was a tough time as from the Factory of client passing through the Villages which is approx. 20 kms towards the NH of Dindigul through very tiny villages full of overhead Electrical Wires.  The dangling live wires had to be lifted, enabling the vehicles to pass through without any shocking hazard.  Our associates had the expertise in handling the electrical overhead cables. Task for lifting was not easy as the power had to be switched off from the main grid.  For this, we had to take approval from the State Government’s Electricity Board to cut off the power along the way while moving the vehicles and resume subsequently.


We have taken all statutory precautions taking permission from all law enforcing agencies like Munic

ipal administration, Police, etc.  Electricity could be switched off the live electric wires only for a certain period and within this period the entire marathon of moving the vehicles had to be completed.

With utmost safety of men and materials, our professionals planned meticulously for the time, equipment and the process.  The commendable support from all of the above is much appreciated.

WWL had also followed all the safety rules, by ticking all the boxes, in

ensuring the safety of the men and materials.  We deployed ‘follow me’ vehicles along the way and all the safety aspects were coordinated, before the transportation was flagged off.

The consignments were loaded in 5 containers in which the first 2 vehicles loaded on 1st Nov’19 and balance 3 vehicles were loaded on 3rd Nov’19. All the 5 vehicles were ensured to move out of the Factory and escorted & monitored up until the vehicles were at the NH of Dindigul.