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Client: An automobile major having a state of the art manufacturing facility rolling out light and heavy commercial vehicles.

WWL which is an ISO and AEO certified organisation is responsible for the in-house operations which includes design and implement systems and procedures for their END to END supply chain activities inside their plant. We always believe in repurposing the existing trend and adopt and update the new techniques.

Activity: Tyre Assembly

Two people were doing tyre assembly. Both put together, were assembling 24 tyres per shift. The activities involved, arranging tyres, and discs, checking, inserting disc, inflating and wheel balancing and palletising.

WWL which has a set process of re-engineering and redesigning the existing processes placed their qualified and experienced value engineering technical team did the study.

The technicians were doing 4 tyres at one stretch in 67 minutes which includes a waiting time of 20 min, during inflating and wheel balancing.

WWL experts suggested moving the wheel balancing machine in line with inflating machine. The inflated tyre will be moved for balancing and next tyre will be placed for inflating. By this process, the waiting time was reduced to 0. The production got increased to 32 tyres which is 30% increase in the productivity. Is there a need to mention about CUSTOMER DELIGHT?

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WWL is committed towards customer satisfaction and sustaining the same. With our Pan India presence, it’s easy for the customers to approach us any time. Our scope of services is available not just for large corporates, but also for any type of enterprise with minimum requirements for supply chain.