Ocean Freight solutions : Full container  loads: Thanks to global  carrier contracts that WWL and its  partners have with the most major steam ship lines, Space in the ship and competitive long term rates  are always available across  transpacific, and trans atlantic routes  not to mention of the maritime routes along the Indian  ocean and  across the Black Sea ports. Most of the FCL contracts are signed based on steamship lines predermined routes with more or less stable Transit times.


Global network through TKM lines
Authorized by key ports/customs to act as NVO
Experienced professionals
Effective slot/Agency contracts
Round the clock services
Track & Trace Facility



Larger visibility in key markets
Increased import /exports market share
Seamless process to customers and agents
Quick and easy access to agents for representation India
Helps understand agents /customers needs effortlessly
Helps to anticipate, preact and resolve complex issues on time every time
Competitive freight rates
Helps agents/customers worldwide to make timely decisions
Effective technology tool to access container information online