Involvement through Innovation – the WWL way


WWL Centre (a division of Worldwide Logistics Group), is an ISO and AEO certified organization. We provide 3PL logistics Services & Solutions for any type of Manufacturing / Trading / Retailing Company, addressing their total SCM requirements, for the Pan India Market. We have served sectors like Automotive ancillaries, Textiles, Electrical & Electronics, Heavy Forgings, etc.

We also focus on Contract Logistics & In-plant Logistics for leading companies, to manage their Warehouse/Stores. We are responsible for the in-house operations which include design and implementation of systems and procedures for customer’s end-to-end supply chain activities inside their plant, including training and ensuring safety of raw materials stores, finished goods warehouse inside the works as well as at the distribution facilities, pan India.

Our scope of services is available not just for large corporates, but also for any type of enterprise with minimum requirements for supply chain,

We would like to share a recent success story at our customer, an automobile major having a state of art manufacturing facility, rolling out light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Activity : Material shifting

For shifting materials from stores to production area, the shifting was done by fork lift on a daily basis. The distance between stores and process area is 2.8KM one way. The forklifts used to make 50 trips per day carrying one pallet per trip to deliver the material.

WWL has taken the challenging responsibility of revamping the activity and reduce the Turnaround Time. WWL did the study with their technical value streaming experts and brought a wonderful alternate solution.

There was a specially designed milk run vehicle which was stationed inside the factory premises after its morning trip. This can accommodate more than 18 pallets. The material was loaded into the truck and transferred to the process line. The trucks make 3 trips to complete the activity. There was substantial saving of time and fuel and the manpower. This increases the material availability on time near the process station.

This saved the forklift movement time, supervisor’s time and driver’s time. The forklift driver’s time was very effectively used in other activities, effective scrap removal, reengineering the stores.

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WWL is committed towards customer satisfaction and sustaining the same. With our Pan India presence, it’s easy for the customers to approach us any time.

We will share more such interesting success stories in the weeks to come.