Client Appreciation:


Dear friends,


We are pleased to share with you an appreciation mail received from one of our key accounts in Chennai.  This is from is an OEM and a leading solutions provider for high performance brake, clutch and transmission applications.


“Dear Mr. Jagdish/Mrs. Saranya


I sincerely appreciate you and your team for the extra ordinary support that you have done to us on behalf of clearing the subject cargoes from the customs, without any dwell time in the overall process, starting from shipment sailing till it reaches our factory. These kind of supports especially in this time of natural pandemic is simply awesome, where it will not possible by everyone.


This is simply an overall team support both internally and externally. With these kind of co-ordination you can gain a wide market growth in this field without any doubt.


Thank you so much once again on behalf of our Team.”


We are proud to share this with our readers and congrats to our team who handled this.