About Us

Worldwide Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2008 certified) is a distinguishable identity that is built in the minds of a large number of satisfied customers. This identity is a result of the service excellence they had been experiencing since the day they chose this company as a single point solution for all their logistics needs.

The WWL group began their ventures in India by establishing the Indian subsidiary of Worldwide Logistics Inc, USA which, after the management buyout became Worldwide logistics (India) Pvt Ltd. in the year 2000.

The Worldwide group later expanded its service spectrum by acquiring a few more companies in the related sectors, which made the group completely equipped to become an Integrated Logistics Service Provider (ILSP). At present the Worldwide group also includes,

M/s Trans Global Logistics- Catering to Custom brokerage.

Worldwide Centre of Logistics Excellence

Headquartered at Chennai that is well acclaimed as the emerging Detroit of South Asia, we have own offices in all the major cities that have strategic importance in the map of India, for providing countrywide logistic service.


Within this short term since the company’s inception, we have built the finest network that engulfs the entire span of the globe. This enables us to move any type of cargo using suitable mode of transportation to any location in the world as specified by the customer. Thus the brand slogan “YOU DECIDE. WE DELIVER.

Customized Services

At Worldwide, we believe that maximum customer satisfaction can be delivered only by providing tailor made solutions to each client based on their business characteristics. Hence, we take every new company that approaches us as a new case, which will be studied in depth and analyzed in detail by a group of experts with vast experience in the field of logistics. The optimum solution for the logistic requirements of the firm will be formulated such that it is expandable to accommodate the long term needs of the client organization.